What to do about your ebony kink?

If you are in a committed relationship, you might still want to have a piece of the black ass from time to time. But cheating is surely a bad option.

So, what should do about it?

1. Share your kink with your gf

Explain to her that you love her and all, but tell her that you also sometimes think about black girls. Show her some movies with ebony pornstars and tell her what you like about them.

2. Have a virtual threesome

You can have a threesome with a black cam girl. This will surely change the dynamics in your couple, giving you some novel and fun experiences.

3. Do a threesome IRL

The next logical step would be to fuck two girls in real life. Don’t be shy about it. Your sweetheart might be open to doing something bizarre too! Just start slowly and show her some movies about it, helping her understand how lustful and majestic it is to have another person in your bed. Don’t push her, but gently nudge her in this direction. Gradually, she will arrive at the conclusion that it’s something worth looking into on her own.