Truth vs Manipulation

Why do so many men prefer to put on a mask rather then expose their truth? What’s the use of deceiving a woman from the beginning if the truth always comes out in the end? Men are repetitively led to believe through all the PUA guides and books out there that it’s better to attain the woman they desire through manipulation and deception then being themselves from the start. Thing is, when you lack the assertiveness to conquer by your natural wits and inner skill,   you resort to being a magician. What you say to women when you meet them isn’t meant to sound like a rehearsed sales pitch.

Many men refuse to be themselves around women because it’s much easier for them to adapt a character then run the chance of having their weaknesses exposed.

But acting so is detrimental and counterproductive to the final objective which is meeting the woman of their dreams. Oh what to do! What to do! How do you go about masking your anxiety, depression, speech impediment and insecurities? Here’s something you need to know; Real women see right through the mask, through the bullshit and see you in all your truth and nakedness. The good news is, real women will accept you just the way you are IF you present yourself that way from the beginning!

Here’s another thought. Instead of putting on a mask, which is the cheapest way to fraudulently get what you want.

How about you address your issues and work on them. That way there’s nothing to hide. Screw the superficial shit you learned! Like cooky Zig Ziglar says; ‘ anything that was learned, can be unlearned ‘. Time to reformat your internal hard drive, unlearn the crap that’s making you complexed around girls and feed your mind with the only attitude that will make it happen; YES I CAN. It doesn’t matter what your going to say to her or how it comes out AS LONG AS YOU ARE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD and embrace your true self.

Because just like my friend Louis says; ‘ Doesn’t matter if we make an ass out of ourselves when we talk to them.

In 100 years the foolish conversations you will have had, will be irrelevant and only a handful of the billions of people on this planet will be remembered for centuries to come.

It doesn’t matter how crazy you think you sound in front of her

200 years from now, when were decomposing organic matter, the moment in that bar or the convo you start up with the cougar in the grocery store will be IRRELEVANT.

So rid yourself of your masks, work on yourself, be truthful(because it’s best to die with dignity) and conquer the right way, by embracing the REAL you.

If you’re really serious about meeting a woman, you’ll take the necessary time to work on your issues and invest in the person that matters most; YOU. It’s not about changing who you are, it’s about evolving into a better man. So suck up your pride and do what you have to do. Whether it’s speech therapy, psychotherapy or reading meaningful books, just do it. Take the half year or year from your time to do it. Get your ‘inner tune up’ and move on. Then and only then will you be ready to meet Mrs. Right. Otherwise, you’ll be perpetually lying and wasting both your time and hers. So man up and attack the root of your issues. Everything will fall into place shortly after you do it. That I can assure you.